Getting Started

Welcome to Zoho Desk for Jira! This guide will walk you through the steps to set up and configure the add-on. Follow the instructions below to ensure a smooth and efficient setup.

Step One: Add Connection

  1. Add a new Connection Click on the Add Connection Button

    Enter your desired Connection Name and click Add Connection

Step Two: Authorize Connection

  1. Click Connect to proceed with authenticating your Zoho credentials.

  2. Be sure to accept the authorization dialog when prompted.

  3. If authentication is successful, you will see the connection details.

To start linking and synchronising Jira Issues with Zoho Desk Modules (Tickets, Contacts, Accounts) in the Issue Context Panel, you must link a Jira Project to a Zoho Desk Department. Keep in mind that each Jira Project can only be linked to a single Zoho Desk Department.

  1. Click Link Jira Project

  2. Enter Jira Project and Zoho Desk department. Click Add Link

  3. Upon successful addition, the Module mapping table will be displayed.

Step Four: Define your Module Mappings

Module Mappings establish the relationship between Jira Issue types and Zoho Modules. Within each module mapping, you can specify a list of fields for synchronisation.

Without a Module Mapping, you won't be able to push and pull. However, you can still link modules for viewing purposes only. Currently, only Tickets can be synchronized (Push/Pull). Other modules, such as Contacts and Accounts, are view-only.

  1. Click Add Module

  2. Select Jira Issue type and Zoho Module to map. Then, Click Add Module.

  1. If the addition is successful, the mapping will be displayed in the table

Step Five: Configure Field Mappings

Field mappings determine which fields will be synchronised between Jira and Zoho.

  1. Click Field Mapping in the Module Mapping table

  2. Select list of fields to be synchronised. For each field, you can specify whether to synchronise inbound, outbound, or both.

  3. (Optional) Configure Value Mapping You can configure value mapping for each field. Value mapping translates incoming values to outgoing values (vice versa). For example, if you set a value mapping of "Hello" to "World" for the Summary <--> Subject field, if Summary contains the value of "Hello", it will be synced as "World" to Zoho.

    Finally, Click Save once you are done.

Optional: Manage Fields displayed in Details dialog

In Issue Context Panel, user can view Details of each Module Item.

To configure list of fields shown in the dialog, click the Available Modules tab.

Click Manage Fields in Details Dialog.

Modify the fields and click Save when you are finished.

Additional Resources

If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our support team at We’re here to help!

Thank you for using Zoho Desk for Jira!

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