Mapping Jira Assignee to Ticket Owner

If you would like to automatically assign issues in Jira based on Ticket Owner in Zoho Desk, you can utilize Value Mapping.

Value Mapping is a Mapping feature that allows you to define how specific values from one system are translated into another system during synchronization. Follow these steps below:

  • Navigate to the Configuration settings.

  • Locate the "Field Mapping" section.

Configure Field Mapping

  • Set up inbound and outbound mappings for Assignee (Jira) and Ticket Owner (Zoho Desk) fields.

Set Value Mapping

  • Click on "Configure" to access the value mapping settings.

  • Define the value mappings to translate the ticket owner in Zoho Desk to the assignee in Jira.

  • In the example below, the Jira User ID will be translated to Zoho user ID.

Save Configuration

  • After setting the Value Mapping, click "Save" to apply the changes.

In this configuration, the Ticket Owner value from Zoho Desk will be automatically translated to the configured Assignee value in Jira. This automation enhances efficiency in managing tasks across both platforms.

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